Simulate and program virtual robots in your browser!

Rocksi is a simulator that allows you to freely program a 3D virtual robot similar to Scratch or Lego Mindstorms. Rocksi runs on any modern browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari...) and device (iPhone, iPad, IOS, Android, Linux, Windows, ...) - no download or installation! Rocksi is also completely free of charge with no registration required.
Rocksi was written to make robots more accessible for everybody, and especially with education in mind. Use it however you see fit, e.g. school classes, university lectures, workshops, fairs, etc.! At the moments robots by Franka Emika and Niryo are included, with more to come as manufacturers approach us.
Rocksi was written for the Robokind Foundation in Germany which creates lectures and workshops on robotics. Their free online courses on robotics - e.g. the robot driver's license - can be found at

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